Running Magnet

€1479.00 - €2164.00 +VAT

Recessed luminaire for indoor use, on plasterboard walls/ceiling, comprised of a series of magnetic tracks that house the LED lighting modules. The luminaire is comprised of a 2,5 mm extruded aluminium profile, which integrates perfectly into ceiling/wall, and a 24V/max 10A electric track. The system is completed with ambient and accent lighting modules, with different optics. The lighting modules incorporate a magnetic fixture system that permits total mobility of the lighting modules. This mobility converts The Running Magnet into an extremely flexible product, which not only permits varying the distribution of the lighting modules but also the possibility of adding more modules along the track. The Running Magnet has two different types of lighting: Ambient lighting via lighting modules with different lengths and powers; as well as accent lighting with different optic concepts.

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PurposeArchitectural Lighting
Family Running Magnet
UseCeiling, Wall, Profile
Light sourceLED
Type of assemblyRecessed