About us

BERLIGHT specializes in designing, engineering and selling of interior and exterior decorative lighting.




BERLIGHT D O O specializes in designing, engineering and selling of interior and exterior decorative lighting.

We are regularly approached by renowned institutions and individuals, who recognize the necessity to have their space lighted in a functional and original manner. We offer light bulbs of renowned manufacturers, whose products meet any required standard.

Our manufacturers’ catalogues are packed with awarded and highly regarded names in the design and architecture world, including AXO-LIGHT, OTY-LIGHT, DELTALIGHT, ARES, ARTEMIDE, ASTROLIGHT, FLOS, LUCEPLAN...

We design lighting control systems for renowned companies LUTRON and AMX, which employ programmed coordination to render centralized handling of the complex interconnected systems feasible and easily accessible.

The project team is led by Miroslav Mirković, an experienced and accomplished lighting designer, who started the company in 2009, following a decade’s employment at the highest positions in some of the most prominent companies in the field. He realized numerous projects throughout the region, notably the lighting solutions for banks, commercial spaces, residential buildings, urban complexes, hotels and landscapes.

Apart from the extensive selection of light bulbs and interior and exterior light design interventions, our team offers the complete installation design, with 3D models and technical estimates, as well as the execution of projects.