Smart Home


Smart Home control and integration systems offer complete solutions for your apartment, house or business space. Program your interior with one click: change the light or heat settings to create a specific ambient, manage all of your devices and appliances or control advanced security systems. Smart Home takes care of everything, at any moment.


HVAC temperature control and air quality: heating, ventilation and air conditioning

The HVAC Smart Home control system gives you the ability to remote control your integrated heating, cooling and ventilation systems, with the option to program them in specific cycles for economic use.

Program your heating-cooling devices to accommodate your lifestyle. For ultimate comfort, set different temperatures in each room through internal units of different sizes and strengths, which are all connected to one, integrated unit (VCL - Variable cooling levels).

In accordance with your instructions, Smart Home will recognize every time you leave a room, and will adjust the temperature accordingly, based on the settings you provided. In your absence, Smart Home continues with the heating/cooling at a weaker intensity, only to increase upon your arrival - and all this is done with maximum energy efficiency. Stuck at a friend's for dinner? Not a problem, simply send a command through your IOS or Android device and Smart Home will regulate the desired temperature ambient. If you want to hear your favourite song, don't worry, it will already be playing when you walk through the door.

Interior and exterior lighting control

Embrace the convenience of remote controlled lighting. Combine different types of lighting for creating the perfect ambience or atmosphere. Other than remote control, choose between numerous options such as presence simulation (when no one is home) or the automatic turning off of lights for energy saving.


Motor and automated device control

Open and close elements such as doors, windows, shutters, curtains, garage entrances or lawn sprinklers all through remote control. Set up automatic dimming of certain rooms and areas for privacy. In accordance with your instructions, windows will automatically shut when you leave the house or when sensors detect wind or a draft.


Security control

Security is one of the key segments of a smart home, and before anything else, it represents connecting to a passive security - alarm. When the alarm is triggered all the lights turn on and off to draw attention to the home. Active security can include the automatic turning off of water systems in case of a flood or leak through the water pipes, as well as automatic closing of all windows and doors in case of an external flood. This setting can also include the shutting off of all electronic and integrated devices in case of a fire, as well as enabling an anti fire water alarm system.


Multimedia control

Use all the conveniences of connecting your remote control with your audio-video devices (music units, TV, DVD, cable receiver TV/AV etc). Additionally, integrated memory allows you to pick up where you left off with regard to both video and audio devices across all rooms, while the video intercom eases communicating with guests who are at the door. Concealed speakers can be built in, while there are special solutions for conference halls.

Special solutions for hotel rooms include the HVAC system, lighting, curtains on windows and door handles with integrated building control systems (BMS).


Bachmann is an innovative German company which develops, produces and sells electrical components and systems for electric energy distribution, and has won numerous international awards for its solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in the development, production and sales of electric energy solutions and distributions, Bachmann is synonymous with high quality, innovative and precise products. An intelligent modular assortment provides great security, while PDU and Bluenet products fulfill all requirements for safe and very efficient electric energy distribution. With Bluenet technology you get access to the remote control of electric energy consumption, turning sockets on or off, as well as the ability to upgrade already existing distribution systems.

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Comfort is one of the most important reasons why people decide to opt for Smart Home systems. Smart Home allows you to remotely access all of your devices such as air conditioning systems, internal communications systems, audio and multimedia devices - all from your favourite cozy spot at home. All of these options within the Smart Home technology system serve one purpose - to give you a better quality of life.


Smart Home can incorporate technologies for eased access, intended for older or limited capability homes. Using a phone or computer, managing lighting or the locks on your doors can all be done through voice command. The automation of a home allows the individual to program automated operations, such as watering the lawn, therefore eliminating the need for constant household chores.


Smart homes allow a more economic consumption of energy. Lighting can be set to switch off when there is no one in a specific room, and the thermostat can be programmed to keep a lower temperature during the day, only to increase it to a desired temperature before the owners' arrival. All the automated operations, combined with modern efficient devices, allow for less consumption of water, electricity and gas, therefore reducing the need for natural resources dramatically.